No, life's not going right;
 But, I'm doing alright.
There is a thin divide:
 It makes sense in my mind.

I know I'm still aligned;
 I'm receiving all my lines.
Although, the script is getting rough,
 I might need to start making stuff up.

Perhaps improv will heal me:
 Help me think more clearly.
Learn to redirect in real-time:
 Ad lib silver linings.

Try to find the difference,
 between toxic positivity and being optimistic;
Start sharing a few thoughts;
 learn how to brush stuff off.

Try to take a break,
 maybe gain a little weight.
Start working on my figure:
 Learn to love the one within my mirror.

Call myself a T.W.I.T.,
 then acronym it out:
Trophy Wife In Training
 (T.H.I.T. if you're a male).

Focus on my progress:
 Chase good diet and exercise.
Line up my next home:
 A bed to call my own.

Return to that which I've created,
 maybe try to get some published.
Sell off a song or two,
 to save up for grad school.

Find a brand new job:
 Last one was a fraud.
I guess that's the price to pay,
 for doping on the daily.

Relishing release from rehab:
 Cutting class and failing friendships.
Loathing this legal Limbo,
 yet accepting it as my karma. 
Journaling, Music, Religion, and Reflections

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