Met a moth,
captured it;
felt nostalgic,
wept a little bit;
now it's raining,
& I miss Greece:
Katakalon for the Olympic Fields,
dress shopping, and Wandering;
then Mykonos for the opportunity
to butcher "epharisto" buying water
("Ephastos!" I call... That's a Greek god, not a thank you...);
Finally, Piraeus to feel an honest-to-God heartbreak,
at how much what's left of the ancient city,
looks as modern as Toronto, or New York;
then to hike the Parthenon in heels,
(no they were not stilettoes! <3)
and capture a few bloopers,
of me in a Greek flag
(it has pockets!)

Anywho, it's sad to hear that it's closed:
Patrons feeling weak from the heat
 while trying to ascend its stairs...
I guess that's just another symptom
of global climate change...:
Interfering with 2023 travel plans.
Fortunately, my aunt brought me there in 2018,
which means this is the last year in which I can compete.
Do you think I should submit them to the New York Photography Awards?
[European Photography Award winners announced this Friday]
Watered Down Athen(e) - It Has Pockets! Shot with: Nikon D5200 + Tamron 10-24mm.
Flashing The Parthenon - An Ode to B.J.A.! Shot with: Nikon D5200 + Tamron 10-24mm.

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